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Tremendous Moment of NamingException

These several months, has been tremendous year for me and my NamingException blog. Last year, around October 2011, ive been asked to be contributor of Java Code Geeks, and not only that. According to my private email with JCG founder, it turns out i’m the only and the first Indonesian Contributor at that time.

And now, in March 2012, ive been asked by Curator of Dzone.com for them to repost my blog content at their JavaLobby lounge and got an offer to join their Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) program. Of course, i accepted that offer.

Too bad, i havent updated my NamingException yet for several months, not because i dont want to, and im not too busy too, but honestly i have no idea about new and quality topic. I dont want my blog only act as “reposter” site, just to fulfill my post-target, for me, quantity is important but quality is still at the top.

If you have any idea to be discussed about, please let me know and help me to make this NamingException better and better in quality. I expect no commercial reason in here, all of my post are always and always will free and open-source. Never did, never do and never will about money. Let share about our skill and experience, from community, by community and to community. Let the benefit come to us by itself 🙂

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