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Development Tools I Can’t Live Without

There are so many Software Development Tools that spread widely on the cloud, and these are my favourites. Im not mentioning they are the best, but they are fit me and i’m happy to use them in my daily professional life. If you have different opinion, so be my guess. šŸ™‚

Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE).

Candidates: Eclipse, Netbeans and JBuilder.

Winner: Eclipse, eclipse is available freely on the cloud. It has so many plugins, start from various servers plugins, subversion integration, Reporting tools integration and still many more. And now it supports other languages too, such as PHP. Well frankly, i’m start my career with JBuilder as my escoter through the Java code while im a trainee, but lately i found the eclipse is the better solution compared to JBuilder. I use Netbeans several times found it good, but still eclipse is the most suitable for me, the UI, fonts, shortcut and plugins are so into my style.

Versioning Tool

Candidates: Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) and Subversion (SVN).

Winner: SVN. Compared to VSS, SVN is free and open source, thats one point. The second point is, SVN can be installed on cross platforms, server on Linux and Client uses Windows, they are not a problem at all. If you asked me, i have no trust on Windows to handle my entire source codes, since it has so many vulnerabilities on security issues, such as: virus attack. Can you imagine, the whole project’s source code is vanished by a virus ? just in a second, your job will be gone by (almost) forever. The third point is, SVN can be accessed from many varians of clients, RapidSVN, TortoiuseSVN, can be integrated with Eclipse through plugin feature, and it can be accessed with Command Line Interface too, just in case you have no UI Manager installed.

Application Server

Candidates: Weblogic, Tomcat, Glassfish

Winner : Glassfish and Tomcat. On this category, i have double winners. Tomcat win because of the simplicity, it’s so easy to install and using it, even if you are still a green developer. If you just (keep in mind: JUST) looking for an application container server and you arent using many J2EE features, such as: JMS, Connection Pooling,etc. i would love to give Tomcat two thumbs up. BUT, if you are looking for a container server and have a need in using many J2EE Enterprise Server Features, use Glassfish, it’s free, open source, has so many users, easy to use, set up and to manage. Weblogic is a good (if not the best) application server that i had used before, but sometimes, i found it hard to use and expensive too to be use as production server, Weblogic trial version is free but only allow 5 concurrent users.

Database Engine

Candidates: Oracle, mySQL, Sql Server.

Winner: Nobody, each server has their own usage domain. Examples: If you looking for a free, cross-platform,easiness and liteness, use mySQL. If you are a Sql Server Expert and have support license of Sql Server and only use Windows OS, use Sql Server. If you looking for a huge features of DBMS Engines and when money isnt big problem for you use Oracle. So, i cant decided which one is the best, i use them all and found they have their own unique features depend on the case.

Plain Text Editor

Candidates: Notepad++, PSPad

Winner: Notepad++. Both are free, support plugins, and support programming language style highlighter. But i found PSPad works slowly when experiencing with huge size of text files, Log files for the example. Meanwhile, Notepad++ can open it faster (though not fast or fastest).


Database Designer


Candidates: Mysql Workbench, Software Ideas Modeler, Power Architect, Microsoft Visio.

Winner : Power Architect. It’s free, easy to use and cross platforms. Frankly, Workbench works greatly, but i found so many bugs on it and it only supports for the mySQL DBMS. So when i have to handling other DBMSs, it won’t work, for example:I can’t design table that handling Oracle’s Varchar2. So, i choose Architect as a winner. Software Ideas is great too, but i prefer Power Architect because of the taste of UI Flavour. And Visio, though many developers like it, i’m not a big fan of it.

PDF Creator

Candidates: Cute PDF Writer, Primo PDF

Winner: Cute PDF Writer. Though my main job is Software Developer, sometimes, i have to handling with documentation problem. Such as: Database Design, Source code documentation, and Coding Guideline. I think it would be nice and neat to give the document on PDF format, it can be opened cross platforms, from browsers and even from mobile devices. So I need the PDF Creator to give me a hand to create PDF documentation. I found Cute PDF is faster and more bug free rather than Primo PDF. I use Primo for the first time and got good impression on it, until my OS got crashed and became nag screen every time i tried to create a PDF, meanwhile with Cute PDF, i can create PDF smoothly.


File Merge and Compare


Candidates: Beyond Compare, WinMerge

Winner: WinMerge. Why WinMerge is my winner, it can be integrated into Subversion, so i can easily use WinMerge from inside the Subversion to determine the difference and do the merge between two files.


SSH Client

Candidates: Putty, WinSCP

Winner: WinSCP. Absolutely WinSCP is a winner. Nice GUI, easy to use, and can ‘translate’ the console view into nice UI experience. Though, i’m still looking for a better SSH Client, still i couldn’t found anything better.

Well, i think those are all. Based from my personal taste, those are the best and the most suitable for me. Please let me know if you have anything better or any disagreement.

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