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Howdy there!

Howdy there? it has been such a long long time ago since my last updated on this blog. Yupe, i had checked my last updated, and what a shock for me, it’s almost a year. After that long long time, my blog is like a dead blog, so i’ve decided that i will change my content language from indonesia to english, so this blog will be available more globally.. :p unfortunately, in case of language transformation, i have drafted all of my old posts, so they aren’t available again. But, don’t worry, new post will be arrived soon.

Language changed, but not the topic. My blog is still got it focus on IT matter, so if you are looking for a content like sport, movie review, music, or politic in this blog, you are absolutely on the wrong shoes.

As a new post, i will post my experience in using Sql Server 2005, but please, be a more patient.. i still arranging the words, so it will be more human friendly and easy to read… Please leave a note if you are interested to give me a post donation..

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